12 & Up

Dental Development

The last permanent tooth to erupt is usually the second molar, coming in around age 12-13.

Wisdom teeth usually begin to erupt between ages 17-21.

Most people do not have room for their wisdom teeth to come in and must have them removed by an oral surgeon. It is a good idea to have wisdom teeth removed early, before experiencing any problems or pain. Having them removed early also promotes faster healing with fewer complications than if you wait until later.

Diet & Nutrition

Snacks containing sugars and carbohydrates can be harmful to teeth. Brushing after these snacks can be especially helpful in preventing decay.

Brushing & Flossing


Teeth should be brushed every morning after breakfast and every night before bed (night time is the most important). Brushing after snacks is also very helpful in preventing decay.

Teeth should be brushed one at a time, in a circular motion, on every surface of the tooth. The gums and tongue should be brushed as well.


Teeth should be flossed at least once every day (preferably at night). It is beneficial to floss tight contact areas and areas that trap food more often.

To floss effectively:

1. Wrap the floss around your middle fingers and pinch tightly with pointer fingers and thumbs.

2. Slide the floss into the contact area and cup it around one of the teeth (the floss should be shaped like a ā€œCā€).

3. Now slide the floss up and down, going into the edge of the gums.

4. Cup the floss around the other tooth and repeat. Repeat this through the entire mouth.