BioXclude™ is a processed, dehydrated and sterilized graft composed of allograft amnion and chorion tissue (300 µm thick). Each allograft undergoes Purion®, a proprietary tissue processing technology designed to cleanse and maintain the delicate structure of tissues. BioXclude can be stored at room temperature and possesses a five year shelf life. For additional information, please refer to the BioXclude Fact Sheet.

bioxclude photo 1

A sterilized graft of BioXclude

bioxclude photo 2

Light microscope at 400X details tissue structure

Product Benefits

  • Composed of immunoprivileged tissue
  • Reduces inflammation at the wound site
  • Contains laminin and laminin-52
  • Resorbable
  • Minimal trimming needed; can be folded onto itself and placed over exposed roots
  • Tightly adapts over placed bone graft and proximal bony walls
  • Does not need to be secured into place with sutures or tacks