How Going Out-of-Network for Dental Care May Save Your Teeth and Wallet

Insurance is something ingrained in most of us as a necessity, a way to save money for the health services we need. It also protects us from the unexpected and ensures we can receive the highest quality of care by choosing the providers who care for our family and us.  But what happens when you […]

Two Solutions for Achieving Your Perfect Smile

The definition of a great smile will vary depending on who you ask. And while as dentists, we’d like to think we are the ‘great smile’ experts, we tend to find beauty in all kinds of smiles.  However, over one-third of Americans are unhappy with something about their smile and want to have it fixed. […]

Meet Your New Dentist

Introducing Dr. Andy Engel of Living Dental Health When you first meet Dr. Andy Engel of Living Dental Health, you are entranced by his calm demeanor and genuine interest in listening and truly hearing what you have to say. He is a dentist, right?  There are plenty of jokes about dentists who like to ask […]

Why Not All Dentists Are Created Equal

If you took a poll and asked how many people enjoyed going to the dentist, the majority would say no. The fear of needing dental work outside of a traditional cleaning and an exam can send some into a panic. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have the right dentist, it […]