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When there are so many dentists to choose from, how do you pick the right one? 

At Living Dental Health, we believe every patient has the right to the very best healthcare, including dentistry. Having a positive experience at the dentist’s office can have a profound impact on one’s life. It is our mission to ensure every patient feels heard and cared for. We have various offerings to provide our patients have the very best access to the highest quality of care. Whether you have dental anxiety, gum disease, need your wisdom teeth removed, or just need a really good dental cleaning and examination, we are here for you. 


Meet the doctor

Meet Dr. Andy Engel

Dr. Andrew W. Engel was born in the grand state of North Dakota, but raised from an early age in Boise, Idaho. Dr. Andy moved to Oregon in 1988 where he finished high school and entered into the University of Oregon in 1990. In 1994, he graduated with a degree in General Science and a minor in Chemistry. Dr. Andy directly entered into the dental school at Oregon Health Sciences University and graduated in 1998.

Finishing early with requirements, he was fortunate to do extra studies/procedures at the University in full mouth reconstruction and oral surgery. In 1998 he moved to Bend, Oregon and helped establish Century Dental Group. Living Dental Health was created to solely incorporate Dr. Andy to his own practice. Due to a desire to learn and repeated patient requests, Dr. Andy has done extensive training in aesthetics, full-mouth reconstruction, implants, ClearCorrect, tissue and bone grafting surgeries.



  • The importance of brushing your teeth twice a day is widely known and hard to debate. Even super busy and lackadaisical personalities eventually succumb to the calling of their lonely toothbrush. But flossing is thought by many to be something extra – and according to the ADA, around 55% of adults say that time is why they don’t do it. Only around ⅓ of Americans age 30 and older admit to flossing their teeth regularly. 

    Dentist in Bend Helping Patient with Gum Disease

    During a routine cleaning, the dental hygienist will ask about flossing frequency. You can tell a lie (or exaggerate like 55% of American adults) or tell the truth. 

    But before your cross your fingers and claim religious flossing, understand that your gums TELL your hygienist about your flossing habits. Bleeding gums is a huge red flag that you aren’t flossing regularly—another red flag: tartar buildup. 

    Why is flossing important?

    A toothbrush alone cannot remove all food particles from the teeth. You can have the very best toothbrush, and oral hygiene routine and STILL have food in between your teeth. If the food particles aren’t removed, they create bacteria colonies that promote inflammation and gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. The CDC reports that 47.2% of adults age 30 and over have periodontal disease. 

    Causes of Periodontal Disease

    In addition to good oral hygiene, some other causes of periodontal disease include diet, tobacco use, and hormones. 

    Smoking and chewing tobacco can cause gum disease and prevent the gum tissue from healing properly after treatment. As far as diets go, those high in sugar or carbohydrates can also increase plaque development. And a deficiency in vitamin C can prevent your gums from healing. Another culprit of periodontal disease is hormones. Hormone changes such as during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can make the gums more susceptible to infection. 

    But don’t forget about the dentist. Regular trips for a dental cleaning and an exam are also critical to help prevent periodontal disease. And just because you brush and floss regularly doesn’t mean you won’t develop tartar. Therefore, a dental cleaning twice a year will allow your hygienist to remove the tartar to help keep your gums in tip-top shape. 

    Health Risks Associated with Periodontal Disease

    Why should you care about gum disease? Well, do you like pain? Gum disease doesn’t feel very good and can be pretty darn expensive to treat. But gum disease, when left untreated, can also lead to various health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

    More healthcare providers inquire about their patient’s teeth, gum tissue, tongue, and mouth health than ever before. General practitioners and naturopaths have realized how oral health provides a glimpse into how the body as a whole is doing. Poor oral health can mean there is something wrong inside the body. 

    The moral of the story is to take care of your teeth. Brush for two minutes (really) twice a day and floss before bed. Visit your dentist for a cleaning and examination every six months – or more as indicated by your dentist. You have the power to reverse, stop, or slow the progression of gum disease. Take advantage of this power while you can. Your teeth will thank you for it. 

    The Icky Truth About Gum Disease and Why You Should Care
  • I recently had a wisdom tooth removed by Dr. Andrew. I have to say because of a previous tooth removal at another dentist office I was extremely nervous about having this wisdom tooth out. I opted for local anesthesia and Dr. Andrew did an amazing job with getting the area completely numb. I felt no pain at all and tooth was out in under 2 min. It was such a great experience. Thank you Dr. Andrew and Kaitlyn!

    Holly V
  • Dr. Andy and his team are seriously the best! Kate at the front office is very personable and a joy to speak with when I’m making appointments or paying a bill. They have worked with me and my husband on multiple treatment plans. Highly recommend!

    Serena K
  • Working in the medical field myself I see so much professionalism in this office. I had the opportunity to have my appointment with Nicole (dental hygienist) and she was very thorough and gentle with her care. I also had an amazing experience with Alissa (dental assistant) and Dr. Anne Scott as they carefully reassured me with all the details of my procedure. I would highly recommend choosing Living Health Dental as your dental office. It is more than just an appointment, they make you feel as you are one of them.

    Alexis P
  • We are so pleased to have found Dr Engel and his team! My sons had aged out of the pediatric dentist they had grown up with and it was time for all of us to get re-established. We have each had our turn in the chair and each experience was favorable. The entire team, from front desk to the back, is welcoming, compassionate, and caring. In particular, one of my sons has sensory issues and requires a little extra care and compassion. Again, the entire team was so gracious and made him feel comfortable from the beginning. He no longer fears going to the dentist, even for the fillings.

    Robin R
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